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5 Types of tourism that are trending

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Discover the types of tourism that are trending and offer your clients different proposals for destinations, itineraries, and innovative travel experiences.

As a trip organizer, it is crucial that you are up-to-date on the types of tourism that travelers demand the most, such as attractive destinations and itineraries, plus everything your clients, friends or your family need to plan, organize their trip, and make the experience as satisfactory as possible.

On the other hand, events such as the pandemic have influenced (and continue to influence) the tourism sector and affect the decisions and lifestyles of tourists.

Discover The 5 Types of Tourism That Are Trending

Wellness Tourism

Before the pandemic, destinations, hotels, and resorts specialized in providing wellness experiences. In the post-pandemic period, tourists are looking for places that transmit peace, tranquility, spas, yoga sessions, and guided meditation that help to recover, little by little, the necessary stability to relax and face daily challenges.

Wellness tourism, or mindful tourism, is an excellent option for clients who want to experience a healthy lifestyle through travel destinations, services, and comprehensive activities for the body, mind, and spirit.

Medical Tourism

This type of tourism consists of traveling to another destination, either in the same country or abroad, to receive medical interventions and treatments. Medical tourism covers all aspects, from dentistry to cosmetic surgeries. Mexico is one of the most popular countries visited by tourists from the US and Canada for medical purposes due to the quality of the services and their cost, between 30% and 50% less.

Sustainable Tourism

In the face of global warming, ecosystems, and species in danger of extinction, sustainable tourism prioritizes respect for nature and cultural heritage. It also promotes the protection and conservation of the environment. Travelers seek to impact their surroundings as little as possible on each visit and try to get to know each destination and become aware of the challenges faced by local populations. In addition, sustainable tourism seeks to create programs and projects that promote underdeveloped areas and support their inhabitants.

Sports Tourism

Some travelers seek to relax and get away from their routine but also love the idea of ​​practicing sports outdoors in a natural environment, getting a dose of adrenaline during the process. Sports tourism does not only focus on tourists who play sports. It also specializes in travelers who are fans of sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, soccer matches, tennis tournaments, car races, or any sport that attracts fans eager to support their favorite team or athlete.

Gastronomic Tourism

The objective is clear: the taste for food and to discover the diversity of culinary delights offered by the tourist destination. Tourists travel to a destination known or famous for its gastronomic proposals. Also, they move to another region or even abroad and attend fairs or gastronomic events. This way, they get to know the culture and history of different places. This type of tourism attracts travelers who want to experience culinary adventure but also professionals from the restaurant and hotel sector.

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