Live life to the fullest by taking a trip on the safest and most innovative buses. 

Disconnect and escape. We are your ticket to incredible experiences and lasting travel memories. 

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The most comfortable, roomy ground transport

Capacity of up to 56 passengers, ample space for luggage and panoramic windows.

Spacious, reclining seats, individual lighting and air conditioning control.

Microphone, Wifi, USB port, electrical connections, flat screen TV and DVD player.

Disinfected bathroom facilities.

Wheelchair accessibility.

The safest and most innovative transport 

State-of-the-art technology.

Highly trained drivers with electronic registration.

Dynamic stability and speed control.

Pressure control and automatic braking on tires.

Distance and impact alert system.

Reduction of engine power in case of incidents.

Fire detection and control.

Internal Security System with Drive Cam.

Three-point seat belts.

We keep your road trip dreams alive 

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