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The Best Summer Destinations For Group Travel

Posted on May 31, 2023. Category:

With summer fast approaching, why not make the most of the season by organizing your group travel with loved ones on a trip to one of the best destinations in the US? The State of Texas and Houston boast endless summer hot spots waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Take the opportunity to visit one of these incredible locations this summer with ST Charters and Buses, the leading provider of safe, comfortable, and top-quality personalized ground transportation rentals.

Join us as we present five irresistible destinations for your summer adventure:

The Gulf Of Mexico

With its beautiful beaches, warm waters, and an incredible variety of recreational activities, The Gulf of Mexico offers a great vacation experience of relaxation, outdoor activities, and natural beauty. Let ST Charters and Buses drive you from Houston to Galveston Island State Park to enjoy the glorious summer weather and the following attractions:

● Beach relaxation with white sand and clear blue waters
● Fishing
● Water Sports
● Wildlife and Nature
● Family-friendly attractions such as water parks and amusement parks
● Seafood and Culinary delights

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and numerous visitor attractions. At just under three hours from Houston, Tx, San Antonio is an excellent choice for group travel by ground transportation.

● The Alamo
● River Walk (Paseo del Rio)
● San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
● Historic Districts

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a stunning natural gem in western Texas, near San Antonio. It is known for its breathtaking scenic beauty and features rugged mountains, deep canyons, picturesque desert landscapes, and diverse plant and animal life.
Connect with nature and enjoy some of the following:

● Hiking and Outdoor activities
● Camping and Backpacking
● Flora and Fauna
● Dark skies

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the United States, featuring over 6000 animals, and is a fantastic summer destination for group travel with friends and family.
Within the zoo, there are several attractions.

● African Forest
● Galapagos Island
● Children’s Petting Zoo
● World of Primates
● Texas Wetlands
● Cafe, Dining, Shopping/Gift Shop

Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk is a vibrant and lively destination 20 miles from downtown Houston, Texas, combining waterfront dining, thrilling rides, shopping, and entertainment. For a day of family fun, a romantic dinner by the bay, or simply a place to relax and enjoy the coastal ambiance, the Kenmah Boardwalk is an ideal summer destination for group travel with ST Charters and Buses. Enjoy a fabulous bus ride to one of the best visitor attractions in Texas.

Travel In Comfort And Style

Experience luxurious ground transportation with ST Charters and Buses, whatever destination you select for your summer getaway. Our professional service will transport you there in the utmost style. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with air-conditioning to keep you comfortable throughout the warm summer months while our expertly trained drivers prioritize your safety above all else.

For your group travel needs this summer, request a quote from ST Charters and Buses and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.


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